What Type Of Engineering Graduates Are The Most In Demand?

Choosing your college degree will be a tough decision to make and it will make or break your career. Some students go for what they love to do. Some makes practical choices like what will make more money and which job will be in demand by the time they graduate. The motivation behind choosing a college degree will be different from one another but the important thing is that when you make a decision, you stick by it.

Have you considered applying for an Engineering degree? The first thing you will think about is how tough it is and how you will survive it. But if you do some research, you will discover that the demand for engineers have remained consistent for the past decade. This is good news to all aspiring engineers and to those who are already taking or planning to take an Engineering degree.

Surveys have shown that despite the tough economic times, engineering graduate will not have a hard time looking for a job and getting hired. Just to inspire you a little more, engineering graduates are in the top 10 of the highest earning and most in demand profession. Out of the 10 highest-paid bachelor degrees, 8 of them are engineering degrees. Engineering degrees always dominate this list.

So what are the highest earning and most in demand engineering jobs out there? On top of the list are Petroleum Engineers with an average salary of $86,220. In second place are Chemical Engineers with an average salary of $65, 142. Next on the list are Mining/Mineral Engineers, Computer Science and Computer Engineers with an average salary ranging from $61,000-$64,000. After that, Electrical and Electronic Engineers are in sixth place with an average salary of $60,879. It is followed by Mechanical Engineers, Industrial/Manufacturing Engineers, Aerospace Engineers with average salaries of $57,000-$58,000. Last on the list is Information Science and System Engineers with an average salary of $54,000.

Although there is a high demand for engineering graduates, only 4% of college students will graduate with an Engineering degree. 24% of college students pursue degrees related to business or management. Because of this, Engineers are rare and the demand continues to rise every year. Engineers have their own set of technical skills that can only be learned through the undergraduate schooling. This is what makes them in demand. Companies compete for these skills, which is why salaries continue to go up.

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