Types Of Engineering Degrees and Engineering Majors

Engineering is a term that describes the concept, art, and profession that applies calculated scientific based theory to conceptualize, design, plan, develop, and analyze technological solutions.  Engineering encompasses a broad range of specific fields and specialties that are used by almost every industry on earth.

Below is a list of the various fields of engineering that are practiced and taught today including links to further information about each of these specialties of Engineering.

Aerospace Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Architectural Engineering


Biomechanical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Ceramic Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Hardware Engineering

Construction Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Geological Engineering

Health And Safety Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Marine And Naval Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Materials Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Microelectronic Engineering

Mining and Mineral Engineering

Mining Safety Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Ocean Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Software Engineering

Structural Engineering

Textile Engineering


  1. what about electro mechanical engineering,what is its stand in the engineering world?

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