School Name And Reputation: A Big Factor For Engineering Graduates

A lot of students want to earn their degrees in college in order to get a good job later on. Some are very excited after graduation and easily go into job-hunting in order to get their dream job. While some new graduates can easily find the job they prefer, some would land in a job that is not related to their course or what they have studied in college. The worst part is some may not even find a job during the first few months or even years after graduation.

Although earning a college degree is very important, it does not automatically guarantees a job after you graduate. In this tough market condition, job market is very competitive especially for jobs or professions with limited openings and high requirements like work experience and credentials. However, earning a degree in a prestigious or reputable college or university may add another advantage especially for new engineering graduates.

Survey Results By Wall Street Journal And

According to a current survey conducted by Wall Street Journal and, college name and reputation may be a more important factor when finding jobs for engineering graduates compared to other professions like history majors. The survey was conducted from April to June with about 10,700 participants who graduated and earned their bachelor’s degree between the years 1999 and 2010.

  • Based on the results of the survey, engineering graduates and other major professionals like accounting graduates believe that the school’s name and reputation where they graduated have great effect to their careers especially during the job hunting stage.
  • A lot of professionals in these math-oriented majors have greater chances of landing a job right after graduation or even get recruited into jobs directly related to their courses or majors straight out of college.
  • Major companies or employers looking for engineering, business, and accounting professionals usually need employees with work experience. However, with the limited options, most of these companies would rely on the reputation of the school or college where the candidates graduated especially if the candidates have no previous work experience.

Engineering JobsAccording to a director of career services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, most large engineering companies know how many entry-level positions they will need for a specific year. In order to fill that entry-level positions and get the best qualified engineering graduates, they form a connection with reputable and prestigious colleges and universities offering quality engineering education in the country. They rely on schools that have been proven to be the best when it comes to producing and training skilled graduates like engineers and large engineering companies allocate their recruiting resources to these reputable schools.

If you study and graduate from one of these reputable engineering schools, then finding a job may be easier since even before you graduate, job prospects that are directly related to your course are already available and waiting for you.

Based on the survey, engineering professionals are the ones that answered “very important” or “important” in the question whether their college or undergraduate school’s name and reputation have affected their success in their chosen job or career. From the 10,700 respondents, 59% of the environmental engineers answered “very important”. 57% of the civil engineer graduates answered the same thing while 51% of the general engineers answered important. 47% of the chemical engineering graduates answered important or very important.

Survey Results: Professions Not Usually Affected By College Name Or Reputation

Engineering Schools In The USFrom the numerous professions available today, psychology and history majors have the lowest percentage believing that the school or college where they have graduated did not affect their career success. Based on the survey, only 29% of history graduates answered that their school or college’s reputation affected their career or jobs while 32% of the psychology graduates and communication majors answered important.

According to the president of JobBound – a career coaching firm, professionals in these fields like psychology and history usually find first jobs after graduating that are not totally related to their course or majors. Not all psychology graduates becomes psychologists and most of the time, they find jobs in other industries somehow or not related to their course in college.

Instead of their school’s name or reputation, professionals in these specific fields find jobs due to networking and work experience. This is why some of them may find it difficult to land a job that is directly related to their majors because most employers and companies would prefer candidates with relevant work experience. But the good part is that their courses allow them to also work in other industries or work settings opening other job opportunities for them.

Top Undergraduate Engineering Schools In The US

According to the US News Rankings and Reviews, the following institutions offer some of the best undergraduate engineering programs in the country:

  • MIT or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Stanford University, California Institute of Technology
  • University of California-Berkeley, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

Engineering programs offered by these institutes are all accredited by ABET and also offer higher engineer programs like master’s and doctorate degrees in engineering.

Top Online Engineering Graduate Programs In The US

If you want to enhance your education and training, and get a better job in your chosen profession, earning a higher education would be a good option. As a licensed engineer, you can easily get entry-level engineering jobs especially if you graduated from a reputable school. However, earning a graduate degree in engineering and choosing a specialization can open up more job opportunities with higher better and better working condition.

This is why a lot of engineers today prefer to proceed to a master’s degree and get a specialization in a specific engineering field. However, if you do not want to give your current job just to earn your master’s degree, you can also enroll in a flexible online graduate engineering degree offered by reputable engineering schools as well. When it comes to quality and high standard online engineering graduate programs, the top schools ranked by US News are the University of California in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania State University – World Campus, Columbia University in New York, Purdue University – West Lafayette, and the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

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