What Is The Quickest Way To Get An Engineering Degree?

Students today want to move ahead with their lives, and their careers, as quickly as possible. That’s why so many individuals are searching for a quick engineering degree that will enable them to launch themselves headfirst into a new, lucrative profession. However, do accelerated engineering degrees even exist, and what’s the best way to get started down the path towards becoming an engineering in as little time as possible? Use this guide to help yourself get started and learn more about quick engineering degree options.

When most students think about accelerated learning programs, they think about fast-paced online programs which will enable them to complete a bachelors degree in as little as two years or less. In terms of a quick engineering degree, this sort of option really doesn’t exist. The facts are that engineering requires a great deal of in person, firsthand work and experience, and everything can’t be done rapid fire in a distance learning environment at the bachelors level.

However, that doesn’t mean that accelerated engineering degrees don’t exist. In fact, there are some very highly regarded options available today. The difference is that these programs are designed as bridge programs – taking you from an unrelated bachelors degree you already have, to a masters in engineering – or as combined bachelors-masters programs you can finish in less time than you could by pursuing both separately.

This is an enticing option for many people today looking for a quick engineering degree. While advanced or postgraduate diplomas aren’t requirements in the field of engineering, more and more, they are becoming the standard, and the preference of employers. With a higher level degree, you’ll open up the doors much wider for yourself, allow yourself to ascend higher in the field and pursue more opportunities, and ultimately be more successful and earn more money.

With that said, let’s take a look at a few of the accelerated engineering degrees that fall into this type of structure.

The University of Cincinnati offers their ACCEND program, which is Accelerated Engineering Degree. This allows undergraduate engineering students to commit to a masters track, and finish a postgraduate degree in much less time. This is accomplished by students taking required courses while also working through co-op placement, and many of these courses can be taken online or in the evenings.

Another great school offering a quick engineering degree is Boston University with their LEAP program, or Late Entry Accelerated Program. This is for individuals who already have a bachelors degree in another field, but now want to become an engineer, in fields as wide ranging as materials science and biomedical engineering, to manufacturing or computer systems engineering.

The University of Vermont allows undergraduate students to begin research and coursework for a masters in engineering degree after their junior year, through their accelerated engineering degrees in fields including bioengineering, electrical engineering and civil and environmental engineering.

Similarly, at Arizona State University, undergrad students can begin overlapping their studies and begin taking masters level courses and having credit hours apply to both their bachelors and their masters diploma. This leaves them with a much lower requirement of additional courses and credits to take upon graduation from their bachelors program.

Quickest Engineering DegreesAs you can see, there certainly are accelerated engineering degrees out there today. They might just not be where you’re looking for them. They’re not online and on the bachelors level. They’re at the masters level, or offered through a conjunction of bachelor and masters programs offered through the same school. There’s a variety of different options available to prospective students, including those mentioned above from highly regarded universities spread across the country.

Either way, a quick engineering degree like this can help you to get ahead and begin a great new career. You’ll have the knowledge and expertise that you need to get ahead, and with an advanced diploma at your side, the extra appeal to help you stand out from the crowd, land your dream job, earn more money, and much more. So will accelerated engineering degrees be right for you? If you’re ready to commit yourself to engineering and find a great school with a related program, it’s a convenient and time saving opportunity to take advantage of.

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