5 Great Jobs For Fresh Petroleum Engineering Graduates

Petroleum Engineering is a field in engineering that is responsible in looking and maintaining hydrocarbon production and reservoir of oil and other natural gases. They work hand in hand with geologist and with other people having the same specialty. This is to study the properties and formations of rocks and other elements holding the reservoir.

A person who graduated and licensed as a Petroleum Engineer is considered one of the highest paying professionals in the world. There are different career opportunities for Petroleum Engineers.

Top Five Jobs of a Petroleum Engineer

  1. Drilling Engineer

Petroleum Engineers have the chance to work as Drilling Engineers. They work with geologists and field specialist. They also:

  • Formulate plan appropriate for drilling
  • Estimate the cost expenditures of the project
  • Provide safe and careful working condition
  • Gather data and other related concerns on the area where the drilling will take place
  •  Supervision and coordination of workers
  • Monitoring and evaluating the work in progress
  1. Production Engineer

Production Engineers are also Petroleum Engineering Degree holders. They are responsible for:

  • Overall management of the project
  • Monitoring and evaluating production
  • Manage budget and estimation of production cost
  • Formulation of design and execution of the production
  • Design equipment and machinery necessary for the production
  • work together with service companies, interest partners, and several regulatory agencies
  • Management of production flow input and output
  1. Reservoir Engineer

You must have a degree in Petroleum Engineering before you can work as a Reservoir Engineer. The job description of a Reservoir Engineer includes:

  • Estimation and calculation of the reserves or reservoir
  • Enhancement of recovery performance
  • Surveillance and monitoring of cost
  • Analysis of pressure transients
  • Develop a cost-effective production
  1. Gas Processing Engineer

Petroleum Engineers can also be Gas Processing Engineers. As Gas Processing Engineers, they are accountable for the following:

  • Finding solutions to problems occurring in the field
  • Management planning
  • Reporting and updating the company about oil and gas production
  • Analyzing possible solutions to reduce production costs
  • Analyzing and evaluating gas and oil production
  1. Resource Recovery Engineer

Graduates of Petroleum Engineering may apply as Recovery Engineers. These engineers are in charge of the following:

  • Supervise and handle workers and staff members
  • Evaluate and examine survey reports and topographical analysis
  • Offer technical suggestions concerning production, design, equipment, and machinery necessary for the project
  • Verify design provisions and specifications

The demand for Petroleum Engineers is greatly increasing. This is the primary reason for high salary offered to them. If this is to your liking then why not try it.



  1. Stanley Ononuju says:

    With a Bsc degree in Geology, I strongly believe that after getting a Masters degree in Petroleum and Gas engineering from University of Salford in Uk, which commences September , I would be fully armed to effectively deliver excellent results in the oil and gas industry.

    • hey stanley ononuju,i’m interested in both geology and petroleum engineering.i just want to ask,is it really possible to get a degree in geology and pursuing master in petroleum engineering right after? won’t i be needing a basic info in engineering.like math engineering for example?

  2. Melvin Thompson says:

    I’am only 15teen years old and this what i want to be! in life i hope i make it

  3. Nathaniel Power says:

    Right now i am only 14 years old and this job is what i’m looking forward to after i graduate and get my education. I want this job for the pay/income, but also because it’s something i’m interested in, plus you get to travel :D

  4. s.gopinath says:

    sir now i am studying B.E in computer science and engineering after completing this course can i able to study master degree in petroleum

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