The Best Things About A Career as a Mechanical Engineer

There are already a good number of mechanical engineers all over the world today. Moreover, why should one doubt its popularity? It is, after all, a very well paying job as it is a challenging and fulfilling one.

What are the advantages of Mechanical Engineering?

The foremost consideration one has when deciding on a career is employability. Mechanical engineers have a great chance of being employed because the course touches the different sectors in the community.  The core subjects equip these engineers and enable them to enter other fields or industries like bioengineering and nanotechnology. Therefore, a mechanical engineer will not find it difficult to get a job.

In 2002, top mechanical engineer hiring included the following sectors:

  • Federal government
  • Architectural, Engineering
  • Navigational, measuring, electromedical
  • Aerospace
  • General purpose machinery

If a mechanical engineer wants to make use of his acquired knowledge and skills but does not want to be bound to time and workplace, he can also be an entrepreneur and work at his convenient time. Being such, the mechanical engineer can come up with inventions or innovations that may be sold to companies and industries needing them. Getting these items patented can make him earn more than the average person can make in a year.

How much can a mechanical engineer earn?

Compensation is also another interesting part of being a mechanical engineer. It was reported in 2004 that the median annual earnings of such a professional was $66,320. The next year, mechanical engineers who only had a bachelor’s degree already went home with an annual pay of $50,236. Those with Master’s Degree earned an average salary of $59,880 annually and Doctor’s Degree holders received an average pay of $68,299 per year. As if this was not enough, they are also entitled to paid holidays and vacations, insurance, plus retirement plans.

What are other possible careers for a Mechanical Engineer?

With just a bachelor’s degree, a mechanical engineer can work and deal with machines that use and produce power such as car engines and nuclear reactors. As such, he can work for car manufacturing companies and become an automotive engineer. For this job, a mechanical engineer can earn as much as $66,320 per year.

Mechanical Engineering Career BenefitsA mechanical engineer can also work as a Process Engineer who oversees the manufacturing of the products of a company and make sure standards are met by each of these products. The challenge involves designing and making improvements to current systems in the aim of improving production processes.

He can also work as an Engineer in Pneumatic Controls. With this job, a mechanical engineer takes care of the design, development, and analysis of products and the development of new products or items.

A Manufacturing Supervisor is another lucrative job for the mechanical engineer. He takes care of preventive and planned corrective maintenance of cranes, as well as reviews and keeps record of inspections in adherence to state laws.

These are just a few career opportunities for them. The offers keep growing and the hiring goes global. Best of all, mechanical engineering can be obtained through formal schooling or through online course offerings. The latter provides an equally competitive training as long as the school is accredited.

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