How Much Does It Cost To Get A Mechanical Engineering Degree?

By this time, it is already a known fact that mechanical engineers do really get paid well. As a beginner mechanical engineer, he gets to be paid at least an annual salary of $50,236.  Pursuing a degree in such field seems like a practical idea. So how much does it cost to get a mechanical engineering degree? Depending on the university or institution where the course will be taken, varying costs may be incurred.

Penn State University, Main Campus

Penn State University has 24 campuses that comprise its system located in Pennsylvania. It has about 45,000 students, 13 specialized colleges, and 160 majors.

Since the last school year, 2010-2011, their imposed tuition fee has been $15,250 for in-state students and $27,114 for out-of-state students. Besides that, students also have to spend for their books which amount to $1,456. For students who want to stay in the boarding houses of the university, they would need to add another $9,054 and another $3,924 to be spent for other expenses. To sum that up, an in-state student would need $29,684 while an out-of-state student would need $41,548.

If a student wants to get this degree for a lesser cost, then resorting to online degrees is the answer. Though the students still need to pay for the tuition fees, they can cut back on transportation costs, lodging, and miscellaneous for laboratory and other fees. Aside from that, the student can opt to study from the comfort of his home and still be able to work fulltime.

Purdue University

Purdue University offers Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. This is for mechanical engineers who still want to continue enriching their career and gain more knowledge in the field. To get this degree, one needs $2,925 for a three-hour credit and $3,038 for a two-hour credit.

North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University also offers Mechanical Engineering in the Master’s level. In this degree, subjects in statistics, mathematics, and engineering are being taught.

Students who are from North Carolina will need to pay $8,610 while those who are from outside the state need to pay $21,000.

Atlantic International University

Both bachelor’s and master’s level of Mechanical Engineering are offered at Atlantic International University.

Online bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is priced at $5,100 while the master’s level is at $5,600. With these data, anyone’s dream of becoming a mechanical engineer is not far from being realized especially with the fact that online mechanical engineering courses are already offered today. It must be noted that the online counterpart also gives the same quality of training while giving comfort and convenience to the students.

All in all, it is even more beneficial getting a mechanical engineering degree online since the student is still given the freedom to work fulltime while studying. You can do an extensive research and look through accredited programs.

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