Different Mechanical Engineering Jobs Explained

Mechanical engineers design, build, develop, produce, analyze and test various mechanical tools, equipments and machinery used in various applications and industries. When it comes to mechanical engineering, some of the most common fields they are highly needed are in the constructions, manufacturing, transportation, power generation, sports, communication, food and medical industries.

Mechanical engineering is a broad field of study that is why mechanical engineers also have wide scope in terms of functions and responsibilities. However, because of the broad knowledge, skills and training they acquire, they can also work in numerous work settings and industries providing them extensive options when it comes to mechanical engineering jobs and careers.

Some of the main jobs of mechanical engineers are to research, assess and develop prototypes and new products. Licensed mechanical engineers are responsible for the assessment of various new products especially mechanical equipments and machinery used in various facilities and industries. They check current innovations involving new technologies. Mechanical engineering job also involves design wherein they design and develop technical and industrial plans based on the research ideas and proposals. To design industrial plans, mechanical engineers usually use computer-modeling programs and technologies like the CAD or the Computer Aided Design programs.

Aside from research, assessment, design and development, another important function of a mechanical engineer is to analyze existing products developed and planned by mechanical engineers in order to understand the functions and performance of the specific product or equipment. To perform this job, licensed and certified mechanical engineers use software tools and programs specifically designed for analysis. They also utilize simulation programs in order to determine the design’s performance and functions especially when put in varying weather and external conditions.

Another crucial function of mechanical engineers is to manufacture products based on the designs and plans provided by other mechanical engineers. They can design and build their own manufacturing processes and tools in order to accurately and efficiently manufacture the products. Using their mechanical engineering skills and knowledge, they can help design and develop manufacturing procedures and technologies that can make manufacturing more efficient but less costly and timely without sacrificing product quality and performance.

Testing is also one of the essential jobs of mechanical engineers. Although this function is quite the same with their analysis job, testing is focused on determining and evaluating the performance of the particular product. While analysis involves understanding of product design and functions, testing involves the evaluation of the quality and performance of a specific product when exposed to various conditions and environments and in order to determine if it passed the safety and quality standards.

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