The Best Things About A Career As A Civil Engineer

Today’s struggle for work, career and financial stability is becoming more competitive. There are even professionals that switch careers from time to time just because they can’t survive with their previous jobs. That is why, as a student, you need to have a firm plan on what career you would like to pursue while you are still in school. In our opinion, one of the most stable careers in any country is Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering is a profession that deals with the building and maintenance of infrastructure – buildings, bridges, tunnels, wasteland management, subdivisions, roads, pipe lines, water – treatment plants and more. Basically, expertise in these fields is a necessity to any society around the world. There is always a constant demand for Civil Engineers. If there are already a lot of buildings, proper roads and bridges, then a Civil Engineers are required to manage the maintenance and repair of the infrastructure.

As for the salary of Civil Engineers, according to May 2010 statistics, the average annual wage of Civil Engineers in the USA is $ 82,280 and a $ 39.56 average hourly wage. But of course, the salary will always depend on where you are working and the position you are holding. Private contractors who deal with large scale and long-term projects tend to have 6 digit earnings annually. It basically depends on where you would place yourself.

As for the working environment, it will sometimes involve wearing hard hats and glow and dark suits when on construction sites just like on TV. Civil Engineers tend to work more in the field supervising and administering the construction of infrastructure. There are also Civil Engineers who work in their offices and work in the planning and designing division, so you can always have a diverse working environment.

The stress level for Civil Engineering is also moderate as you get to work in a team and other personnel to share the burden and unite in solving critical problems. Therefore, you will not be going home stressed and not being able to spend time with your family and those who are important to you.

There are also a lot of career options for those who don’t want to be on construction sites etc. Civil Engineers can also be lecturers and pass on their knowledge to the young and aspiring engineering students. And also, if you reach retirement age, you can still work by becoming a consultant who provides engineering advice.

Overall, Civil Engineering is a good choice for you. It is definitely a stable career that will help you establish your life and your family. Always remember that success in life is achieved by making good choices.

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