Is There A Demand For Chemical Engineers

When pursuing a career in chemical engineering, one of the questions you should ask is if there is a good demand for chemical engineers by the time you graduate. Why is demand so important? It is because the demand dictates how many jobs will be available for chemical engineers. A high demand is always good because chemical engineers are sought after and will receive good pay. Graduating with a degree where there is a very low demand will make it hard for you to broaden career opportunities, let alone, find a job.

Is There A Demand For Chemical Engineers?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics holds the answer to this question. The Bureau of labor and Statistics hold data of projections on different industries and careers in the next 6 years. If you want to know how the industry will look in 2015 or if there will still be a good demand for chemical engineers in the next 4 years, this is the place to look.

What Does It Say About The Demand For Chemical Engineers?

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics is projecting a small decline for chemical engineering jobs. The decline is small but a reduction of 600 chemical engineering jobs will still have an effect on the job market. Students who are reading this might be concerned but there is really no need to be. This projection is just a piece of the puzzle.

Even with the slight decline in chemical engineering jobs, chemical engineers are still in high demand in other engineering fields. With the broad training of chemical engineers, they can basically find a job in any other field of engineering. Chemical engineers can work in aerospace engineering, petroleum engineering, materials engineering, industrial engineering, environment engineering and many more.

Why is it a good thing? It is because these other fields of engineering continue to grow in the coming years. The growth is predicted to be rapid too. With the skills of a chemical engineer, they can apply anywhere. Hence, chemical engineers will still rise in the coming years despite that projection from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Is there a demand for chemical engineers? The answer is yes and there will always be a demand for chemical engineers. Thanks to the chemical engineering degree program, graduates are armed with training and skills that they can use in different disciplines of engineering. Furthermore, chemical engineers will also enjoy different job opportunities.

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