Can You Get A Bachelors Of Chemical Engineering Online?

With the continued growth of online education, more students are interested than ever before in getting their degree online with a distance learning program. This is an exciting opportunity that provides many benefits, including convenient and flexible scheduling and learning, potentially fast-paced, accelerated programs and more. But not all degrees are offered online. So can you get a bachelors of chemical engineering online at this time?

Most engineering degrees are not offered fully online due to the nature of what you’re studying. Engineering is a hands-on profession, and the practice and training of those skills that you need simply cannot be transferred over via a high speed internet connection. However, today there are actually a few online chemical engineering degrees, and the number of programs which are offered online are increasing.

That’s because chemical engineering is heavily dependent on math, and computer sciences and things like problem solving, analysis and calculation. With the increasing power of online courses and the tools that you have for online learning, chemical engineering can transfer over fairly well to the online realm. So, yes, there are some online chemical engineering bachelors degrees available right now.

However, it’s very important to note that some online programs for this degree are not 100% online. For example, the University of North Dakota offers an online program for chemical engineering with recorded class lectures and sessions, however, with in-person requirements for labs and other hands-on learning sessions. That’s just one specific example, and many other traditional universities offer similar options with varying levels or percentages of the program being offered in an online format.

Online Chemical Engineering DegreeIt’s also of the essence that if you are planning to attend an online program to get your chemical engineering degree, that you ensure that it is ABET accredited. ABET is the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, and they provide the accreditation for all engineering programs. In order to move from your program to taking the national exams and eventually becoming a licensed Professional Engineer, you’ll need to graduate from an ABET program. So, for example, the Atlantic International University offers a fully online chemical engineering bachelors degree, but it’s not ABET accredited, and you’re going to run into issues with that down the road.

Another point to make is that many other degree types or program types for chemical engineering are offered online. You’ll find postgraduate programs and masters degrees for chemical engineering offered in an online format, as well as certificate and training programs, and continued educational programs for professionals already in the field.

Ultimately, the quick answer is that yes, you can obtain a bachelors of chemical engineering online. But the vast majority of programs are offered at traditional, on-campus programs. Further, many of the online programs still have in-person requirements to some extent. So it’s important to get all of the details of the program before you begin, and of course, you always need to make sure your program is ABET accredited.

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