Engineer Salary – How Much Do Engineers Get Paid?

Prospective engineers will be excited to learn that engineering professionals are amongst the highest paid individuals across the entire workforce. Engineers hold a unique set of skills, and as an even greater need for technological development and advancement across multiple industries emerges, engineers are becoming even more in demand, and getting paid even more handsomely as a result. Take a look at the below information to see how much engineers get paid and what your potential earnings can be.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides salary figures based on their Occupational Employment Statistics program and the surveys involved, as well as surveys conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The most recent figures for engineers show some fantastic salaries, both right out of the starting gates for new professionals, and for long term earnings potential.

Of course, looking broadly at “engineering” doesn’t get you very far if you want to find out how much engineers get paid. There is well over a dozen different engineering specialties, and all of them have different earnings, as well as career prospects, so it’s worthwhile to examine as many of them individually as possible.

In terms of median salary for professionals, the highest earnings belong to petroleum engineers, with a median salary of $114,080, and a top 10% earning over $166,000. A few more classifications at the upper end of salaries include nuclear engineering, with a median salary of$99,920, computer hardware engineering, with a median salary of $98,810, and aerospace engineering, with a median salary of $97,480.

The low end of engineering salaries doesn’t look too shabby either. As mentioned, all engineers have earnings that are above the averages for the rest of the workforce, and usually quite substantially so. The lowest median salary for any engineering specialty is the $71,090 that agricultural engineers earn. If that’s the low end of the spectrum, that’s nothing you should be worrying about too much!

Here are the latest figures for median salaries for the most common engineering positions as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Engineering Median Annual Salary Chart

Many engineers also pull in some of the highest starting salaries for anyone coming up with bachelor’s degrees. Petroleum engineers top the list once again, with a starting salary over $83,000, followed by chemical engineers and mining/mineral engineers at over $64,000, computer engineers at over $61,000, and nuclear engineers over $61,000.

Average Starting Salaries For Engineers Chart

For some prospective engineers, the fantastic salaries and earning potential is one of the main draws to entering the field. However, for most engineers, the great compensation is just another benefit to pursuing the work they love. Engineers are in demand, and highly paid, and that includes every single specialty amongst dozens, both over the long haul and immediately as you begin your career.

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Top 10 Engineering Degree Salaries - Infographic

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