Are Engineers In Demand?

One of the most important aspects of any profession is how in demand the workers are. This can help you to determine which fields you should potentially study or pursue, and where you might want to end up working. If you’ve been considering becoming an engineer, then you need to know whether or not engineers are in demand. See for yourself below with all of the information you need to see regarding engineers and their future job prospects.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the standard bearer when it comes to specific information on industries, professions and more. The current data the BLS has put out there concerns the decade-long period from 2008-2018, and a look at the field of engineering shows some very positive numbers. As a whole, engineering jobs are projected to grow by 11% during that period of time, putting it ahead of pace of the workforce as a whole, and creating over 175,000 new jobs.

This means that yes, engineers are in demand! But it gets even better from there when you consider the individual focuses and specialties that engineers can pursue. Among dozens of different engineering categories, only one is expected to decline in jobs, and that’s a slight decrease in the field of chemical engineering that’s more due to shifting focuses and job titles than anything else, in truth.

Every other focus is on the move, and some are on the move at absolutely astonishing rates! For example, the field of biomedical engineering is expected to increase by 72% in terms of engineering positions available. Environmental engineers are expected to grow by 31%, and civil engineers will increase by 24%! Considering that civil engineering is the largest single classification of the field, that increase translates to over 67,000 new positions by 2018 in that focus alone.

Another telling factor to consider when evaluating job prospects for engineers is that many are either in educational, research, nonprofit and government environments. This makes many engineering positions impervious to sinking economies. This means that engineers will be in demand even as the economy sputters, which is fantastic news.

In fact, in areas such as environmental and civil engineering, a slow economy such as one that we have recently experienced directly leads to job growth! That’s because the government invests in itself, and in this recent downturn hundreds of billions of dollars have gone into areas like infrastructure development, environmental research and much more, creating even more great opportunities for engineers.

So the short answer to the question of whether or not engineers are in demand is yes, they certainly are. Even more positive outlook can be derived about the field though when you look closer at the numbers, and see the massive growth expected in certain engineering fields, and the stability of many engineering careers due to their nature. There’s no better time to become an engineer, and with the right educational background, you can instantly become a prized prospect for companies, government agencies and nonprofit institutions, assuring yourself of plentiful job opportunities and future growth.


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